Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What? The inspiration fairy isn't real? :'(

     I am very thankful for my new acquaintance Susan Bischoff. Her blog has led me to Kristen Lamb's blog. Of course, it's all about writing. I have learned about the procrastination pixie and the job description of a writer. Also, hey world listen! I AM a writer! Hear me roar!!!!!! I'm not an "aspiring writer". I AM a writer :)

      Apart from Kristen's blog, Susan has stressed to me the importance of getting into my imaginary world....(lol my book world) daily. My inspiration must come from keeping one foot in my book always. Yes,  the inspiration fairy is a myth. She will not leave golden eggs under your pillow.......ummm ok maybe that's backwards. She doesn't leave presents  under the Jack-O-lantern.......and she will not fill your driedal with candy.....She's a mean one Mrs. Grinch..........Sorry excuse me...I had a scary writer's tangent.

        Sooooo where does that leave me? Well, I have not mastered the disciplines Susan has taught me. But last night I spent time editing my book. I had no desire to write at that moment. But lo and behold as soon as I began editing I got the urge to continue my fourth chapter. Yes, I know......I've been on this chapter awhile. But it is very different from my other chapters. The POV (point of view) changes a few times and instead of one continual scene, there are several. This is an emotional chapter. I don't like being sad but sometimes it's necessary to write sad parts. I almost cried while writing one scene........ok that's pathetic or either really good lol.

            I pretty much have all the pieces to the chapter mapped out. I just have to write them and make sure I'm descriptive enough.  Oh if only the scene in my mind could magically appear on the page.I could already be published lol. Anywho, I love that Kristen lists reading, watching movies, and blogging as part of a writer's job. All of which  come naturally to me lol. But seriously, I am noticing how other media effects my writing. The other day I was really inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia. Then last night one of the songs I was listening to put me in the right mood for the scene I was writing.

               So just because I look lazy, sitting there eating popcorn and watching a good movie...almost every day...well it does not mean that I am lazy. No, ya see I am just being a good writer ;) Now it's time to play Sims because my little sims world inspires all kinds of crazy stories......bwoohahahahaha! Seriously, I haven't played Sims in a month or two. But I have did my mommy/wife work for the day and I wrote several pages last night. So it is time to veg :) JOY!

Here, enjoy Kristen's blog for yourself ;) : http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/2010/12/10/writer-reality-check/

 God Bless!

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