Friday, December 17, 2010

Excited :) Talking to other authors

      I'm aware I have no followers yet but I'm going to post anyways lol. Cause one day...... ;) Anywho, I am very pumped that I've gotten feed back from two authoresses (spelling?). I took Pam Halter's Characterization and Exposition challenge a few days ago and I was very pleased to read what she had to say (from Fairies, Fantasy, and Faith). I'm more confident about one of my new characters now :). This is kewl because this character is based somewhat on my Dad (who died Oct 2009 of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome- for more info look at my link to My main character needed a who better than someone like Dad. His character is going to be fun to write.....because my Dad was such a genius and also very eccentric lol.
       Moving on.....I also got to post on Susan Bischoff's page. She's the authoress of "Hush Money".  It was so nice to hear advice from her. I can totally see her as the next Stephanie Meyer or Kailin Gow. It's nice to hear that there are wonderful authors out there that didn't necessarily have college training or they weren't born with divine brilliance. It takes work to write. We just don't see it when we're reading. It looks so effortless. I have begun to see that it is not. I thought it was just me but I've read that other authors have had to rewrite chapters over and over. I've only did that once and it was painful. My second chapter was so hard to write. It was my husband's idea to make it full of flashbacks. Now it's so much better but I'm sure I'll have to rewrite all my chapters once I get the hang of what I'm doing lol.

          Now my question to whatever author out there that happens to see my page is this: how do you write on a schedule or by a deadline? I know it's a job but seriously I doubt I could do that. I have to be REALLY inspired to write just one chapter. Sometimes I think about it for a week before I finally piece together a chapter in my head.  Maybe I'm lazy...or scared. I don't know. I just can't see myself working under that pressure. I keep telling myself once we move into a new house we're looking at....back in the woods...then I will write several times a week. I'll take that writing course with Stratford and just look at the trees and write. You know trees really are inspiring :)....I used to read these old fairy tales at my Aunt Lynn's out in the country. I would take the old books and go to the edge of her woods. The woods seemed so magical.
              A lot of my book takes place in wilderness and exotic locations. Maybe if I could visit these different climates I'd have a better understanding of how to write them....hmmmm note to self. Good thing "Emmanuel's" first stop is the woods. :)

                    God Bless and check out these two wonderful authoresses I've mentioned :)

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