Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The first step is the most important

Well, I am currently in the writing process with the first book of my trilogy. Thankfully my lovely older sister is a teacher and she's wonderful at editing. My story came from a day dream while driving. Since that day I felt God nudging me to write this story. So I said "Okay Lord but I can only do this with your help." I've always enjoyed reading and as a child I wrote many short stories. But I've never been good with grammar so I never thought "I'm gonna write a book" (I'm southern. can you tell? lol). I've seen the Lord use Christian Fiction to bring his Truth into my own life and I long to reach people through the genre of fantasy. Lately, it seems every stay at home mom out there is writing a best seller lol......well vampires and fairies are neat but I want to deal with real issues and point to the real Truth..the saving truth of Jesus Christ. Cause when it all comes down eternity is the only thing that matters. I want my books to show that. Christian Fantasy is a touchy subject and many would call it an oxymoron........so I'm approaching this with caution and a lot of prayer. So please keep me in your prayers as I begin this journey. Every author/ authoress had to start somewhere.....

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